Thursday, 26 February 2009

Ugh. whatever.

I'm not really feeling it this week - pretty uninspired actually. Work's gotten kinda busy, so maybe that's it? (and I've noticed more than a couple of other bloggers saying the same thing - something in the air perhaps?). Off to London tomorrow for Fun With Mel, which I'm VERY excited about, so I'll be back on Monday, hopefully full of exciting things to report and some more fun wedding inspiration!

Oh, except for corporate speak Friday, which may still make an appearance.

cool image found here

And what's up with the text size. I'm trying to change it but blogspot isn't listening.


Being Brazen said...

Enjoy London!


Melina said...

Eeek the pressure is on for me to provide exciting things to report! Can't wait to see you lovely xoxo