Thursday, 5 February 2009

The spending hiatus

You might have seen that Joslyn's lovely blog has sparked a movement of blogging non-spenders, all committed to living a thrifty life. Commitment periods range from a few weeks, to a few months, to a year. Last I checked there were 49 members in the support group. I have to say I'm pretty impressed. This is where you expect me to say that I'm joining, huh? yeah... not so much. Not only did I just spend a bundle of pounds on the requisite flash-work-clothes (on a side note, am I ever glad I did! those girls at work look very flash. I think I may have been sent home if I'd neglected to apply mascara this morning), but as a rule I don't spend buy a lot of stuff anyway. I'm not pretending it's because of ethical or societal reasons, or because I'm just so deep and don't need material possessions maaaaan; it's just cause I'm a bit of a miser, and the shopping justification ritual (Katie knows what I mean) is exhausting. Dave will probably read this and laugh, as I do spend more money than him. Then again, so did Mother Theresa.
SO anyway, this post is in support of those recessionistas committed to the spending hiatus. As always, I won't be spending much on pretty things, so I'm with you in spirit. Or maybe, as my own personal challenge, I should HAVE to spend money on frivolous items each week? how bout that Dave?

What I would buy though, if I were so inclined, is some FUN Benefit makeup. How's the quality? I don't even care! I'm all about the packaging. What do you guys think? is this stuff worth the money? should I let go of maybelline et al and venture into the world of cosmetics that the big girls wear?Seriously, sometimes I feel that I am a 25 year old with the clothing and makeup standards of an uncool 15 year old. I can dress up if need be and I LOVE doing it, but spend more than $40 on a nice top? not likely. Splurge on a pair of boots that go with only one outfit? never. It's a tad boring (it's my Dad's "do you really need that" in my head is what it is).

In other news (that was becoming a little ranty, sorry) work was great!! everyone on the team is really nice and just the right amount of crazy. It's going to be busy, but a lot of fun too.


Helena said...

Ok, I looove Benefit makeup and I will freely admit it's cos of the very cute packaging and catchy names. It is however, a little more pricey than your Maybelline et el, so maybe caution is needed...In saying that, I am all for splurgin, esp to celebrate events such as employment! xox

Melina said...

I'm with Helena re: the cute packaging and the names but I've been using Benefit lately and to be honest, haven't seen much of a difference! I can't compare to Maybelline I'm afraid because they refuse to carry a colour to match my skintone, but I do think if you forked out for Benefit you might not be so thrilled and I am distinctly underwhelmed. ("But can you ever just be whelmed?")

As a chronic spender, I can tell
you that the exasperated looks from your significant other can get tiresome when you come home with the jacket you HAD to have or 8th top you NEEDED for work... but now I've officially been credit crunched, I think I need to start taking some pages out of your book and refine my spending justifications!!

And that was a post all about me :)

katie.chapman said...

Ah. The justification ritual. I remember it well. We do have it down to a fine art, and we can always manage to justify a pretty top if it's a bargain. Oooo Now I want to go shopping!