Friday, 29 May 2009

You know what’s weird?

Reading the blog of person A, a person that I do not know at all but who happens to live in the same country I used to live in, only to read a comment by person B, click through to the blog of person B, and discover that it’s someone from my not-so-distant past. It really is a small world.
The last time I spoke to B was maybe 3 years ago. I know that at the time we disagreed strongly about something – and while I can’t really remember exactly on what terms we parted (no, it’s not an old love interest), for some reason I know with absolute certainty that we aren’t Friends now. Except on Facebook, but that doesn’t really count. Perhaps it is because our friendship was a high school one that petered out naturally, perhaps we are completely different people now compared to who we were back then, perhaps there is nothing more to it than that, but I am still sitting at my desk feeling a bit funny. Like I want to get in touch but have absolute no idea what I would say, where we would start, what would be the point, or if B would even want to speak to me anyway. Because I don’t know if we are fighting or just acquaintances-who-used-to-be-friends-once.
Is that a bit weird?
B’s blog is hilarious though. Dirty, but hilarious. Someone I would like to know.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

You know what's amazing?

This Dress is amazing. Such a simple concept too (if only I was a competent seamstress).

I am smitten. I saw it online and went into American Apparel expecting to not like it (I don't like much from AA, if I'm being honest - check this out) - expecting the material to be thin and cheap, and the cut to be all wrong for me. I was So Wrong. I can wear it, without any real issues, 10 of the 15 recommended ways.

I want this dress, and I want one for each of my friends too.

Friday, 22 May 2009

XKCD Friday!!!

Have a great weekend! It's another lovely Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, yipee!

From here

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Suitable division of duties (or: what I like about Dave)

no, this isn't going to be a post about who does the cleaning and cooking in our relationship (though Dave does {more} than his fair share, to be fair).

On Tuesday night, properly motivated by Greece and ready to Plan Our Trip, Dave drew up a wee list of things that need to be done prior to leaving. Then he drew a neat line dividing the paper in two, assigning more than half the tasks to me. At first, in my head, I was all huh? what IS this? (a center for ants?), but then he explained that he had divided the tasks based on our strengths - that big important things like sorting visas and insurance freak me out; I get overwhelmed and end up procrastinating because doing stuff like that reminds me that I'm upping sticks and leaving the country soon. Instead, becoming immersed in details like ipod chargers, maps, and camping stoves - things that require LISTS - keep me sane and busy. Gotta love him.

He's luc
ky he was extra cool on Tuesday night though, it was not so long ago that I found out that Dave has been an avid tea drinker at work. For some time. what is going ON??? how did I not KNOW this?! it has been a confusing time
Dave making ginger moosecuits using a cookie cutter we got in Stockholm. They were delicious:

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ah Greece

It was glorious. We really want to go back there. Work was tough today, Dave sent me photos to my work email to keep me going.

Time to leave England, I think.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Being positive

In an effort to not be so self-deprecating and negative, and inspired by these lists currently floating in the blogosphere, here is my list of 10 things that make me terribly happy: (not including specific people... obv).

1. getting the terravision bus to the airport
2. a cheese platter, a bottle of red, and one or more girlfriends
3. waiting for the curtain to come up at the theatre
4. reading letters from my sister and my gran
5. saving up really really hard for something I covet, and finally holding it in my hands
6. finding treasures at the library
7. dancing and singing giddily when I'm all by myself (a.k.a pretending to be a rock star)
8. being given a bunch of flowers
9. spending over an hour getting ready for a night out - esp if doing so with a friend
10. Christmas

image from here

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Such a shame.

On Wednesday we are going to Greece for a few days.

I desperately want to swan around wearing variations on this:

But unfortunately will probably end up looking more like this.

In my day dreams I am so stylish. This rarely never translates to how I actually look. Not that I look completely dire... I am presentable in a my-clothes-are-clean-and-fairly-innocuous kind of way, just not up there with Sienna, Giselle, or any of those other lovely ladies who can put it together. "Fashion Forward" is a term that neither I, nor my well-travelled polarfleece, are familiar with.

Dress, sandals, headband by Naomi.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Today we're off to Coventry for the wedding of Chris and Julz! yay! I'm so excited. I have high hopes for the Britishness (Britishicity?) of the wedding ... I hope to see a lot of hats, a turkey curry buffet, and Hugh Grant moping around looking foppish. Justify Full Fingers crossed best-man Andy decides to crank out the "fears and recriminations" speech.

Help please!

Since time immemorial I have had Big Issues with my hair. There was the unfortunate shortening incident in 1997, closely followed by the red dye disaster of 1998. I have been on a fairly even keel since, not straying too far from the shoulder length layers, but I've still not over come the Triangle Head. You know what I mean - thin on top, but ridiculously curly and frizzy at the ends. It is something of a problem. I have tried so many different products, but I still look like this:
(no, that's not actually me).

Any suggestions? I have heard Big Sexy Hair is good... I need something for volume on top, with curl-enhancing anti-frizz properties all over.

Ingredients are not my main concern. I would bob for apples in a vat of hydrochloric acid if it would provide resolution.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

new ventures...

While quietly bemoaning my lack of talent when it comes to weddingy things, and the fact that I am {very} unlikely to open a lovely wedding-related business any time soon, here are three awesome newcomers (or revamped blogger favs) for you to take a peek at:
Swoon Over It - The Blissful Bride has some stylin handwriting. I think she is going to do very well.
Thoughtful Day - a new baby and a new business from one of my favourite bloggers
just what NZ brides (and grooms...) need - Magnolia Rouge. Three of the best vendors in NZ have gotten together to give us tips and inspiration and some STUNNING mood boards. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this one over the next couple of years. (thanks for the tip Mel).
Of course, there are tons more wonderful ventures from many gifted bloggers out there... but these are three in particular that took my fancy.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Pretty dresses.

Both of my bridesmaids are lovely girls who are tall and slender and can wear most things. So it's no surprise that I am enjoying looking at bridesmaids dresses more than I did shopping for myself! Jim Hejlm is one of my very favourites at the moment. Sure, hardly any of the dresses can be worn again in a non-wedding situation, but considering that I'm leaning towards full length silky-type things that's kind of a given anyway. Sorry guys.

Colour choice pending, these are two of my favourite styles. At the moment.

Friday, 1 May 2009

XKCD Friday!

Jurassic Park is my favourite movie (the sequels were shite). From here
I am seriously considering walking up the aisle to the theme tune. This sounds a bit silly, but when you really listen to it, it's a cracking good fanfare... lots of pomp (what is pomp?).
Thanks for all the well-wishes for travelling - but I'll be around a while yet! Not sure when we're leaving exactly, but probably round July.
If anyone UK-based knows of a good sized campervan conversion-type vehicle going for around £800 (hey big spender) - hook us up yo?