Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The coolest wall tile in the world

I was just cruising around on Esty and stumbled across this - the most beautiful wall tile ever created. I challenge you to find a more aesthetically pleasing wall tile. It's 9" sq, and 3" deep. And I want it so bad. So bad I can taste it. It's name is Fungi, its made of porcelain, and it's by Heather of Element Clay Studio. There are a bunch of others in the collection, all cool, but I am drawn to this one. It's on the market for a cool $245 - well worth it for a good piece of art, but unfortunately a tad out of my budget. Check out Heather's other listings - I also love the Urchin Bowls.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Who ate all the pies?

There are two things that Dave has specifically requested for our wedding. As he's pretty laid back when it comes to centrepieces, save the date designs, and shoes, I figure that it's only fair that he should have his few wishes granted.

First off the blocks: the man wants a big band to play at the reception. No arguments from me. This is something that I really wanted, but had never mentioned as I thought it would be waaay too expensive, so I popped it on the nice, but not gonna happen pile. But then he bought it up. Bless.

Secondly: he wants pies. Yep, Mrs Macs in a pie warmer pies. Dave has a few in-jokes with a few people concerning the beauty of the 1 dollar pie. He wants a pie warmer at the reception so that if our guest don't like their Moroccan lamb whatnots they can be consoled with some beef and gravy in a soggy pasty pocket.
Fair enough. Who am I to judge? He wants so little... let them eat pies.

Friday, 26 September 2008


When we first got engaged I started getting excited about all the awesome craft projects I was going to complete (insert visions of piles of invitations looking just so, tables of homemade placecards, and centrepieces looking like they've just walked out of the pages of Martha Stewart magazine). I am now a little daunted, as I most certainly did not inherit my Gran's artistic talents, but am taking heart from the DIY projects by other bloggers, and in particular those completed by Tara of In This Instance (seriously - check this blog out, its stunning). So, with a hearty two years to go, I've started making my own paper. And now the lounge is full of buckets of paper pulp, towels, and drying sheets of paper.
The first few attempts were distinctly average (it took me a while to figure out that I'm actually not too good for instructions) but I'm getting there and am proud to say I have 5 perfectly thin and smooth pieces of recycled paper!

Not sure where to from here... if I can find a way to print or stamp effectively on the paper I'd love to make the invites from scratch, but in any case the paper will do for placecards and backing sheets for orders of service.

I'm using the Kundalini Kit, which I picked up from crafting utopia Fred Aldous

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

More budget friendly

I was an Ezibuy kid growing up. I loved the catalogues coming out each month (+ a special supplement at Christmas. Oh yeah) and being allowed to choose a couple of things to order. I remember the anticipation when the 3 day delivery time seemed to take soooo looooonnnggg, and I remember the gorgeous pink skirt that arrived in time for my 17th birthday (I try not to remember the dungarees that I thought were super cool only a few years beforehand). I was having a wee browse on their site today (how times have changed - Ezibuy on the net! yegads!!!) and saw that between their Capture, Grace Hill, Urban, and Emerge ranges there are actually some really pretty dresses, a few of which would not be unsuitable for bridesmaids! Most are cocktail length, and aside from the Grace Hill Dresses are more on the casual side - but above all they are cheap. Here are a couple that took my fancy:

For $129.99

For $79.99

For $20. That's right - $20. Each of these styles are available in each colour, plus a pretty shade of yellow. And they're 100% cotton.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

~ Congratulations!!! ~

Today is my parents' 30 year wedding anniversary! that calls for a celebration in my book. As we speak, they have just arrived in Morocco (they're in the first couple of weeks of a big Spanish/Portuguese/Moroccan/British/French adventure which will get them here to me in only a few short weeks - yay!!) so will be unlikely to read this post, but I thought it still definitely deserves a mention.
I'm sure there have been marital ups and downs of which I am unaware, but from what I can see Mum and Dad have been each others best friend since they first locked eyes across the bandroom in Blenheim.
They both complement and compliment each other, and although they are quite different people, they find the same things funny and want the same things from their lives. The trip they're currently on is one of many they have taken (some with my sister and I, but, latterly, more often by themselves) and they are always trying new cultures and sharing things together.
I am a less extroverted version of my Dad - we respond in the same way to the same things, and I think my Mum is a perfect foil for him. I know the belief is that girls subconsciously look for someone like their father in a boyfriend, but I think that in Dave I've actually found someone more like my Mum. I like to think that we're a pretty good team too.
And if we can have 30 (+) years like they have had, we'll be doing just fine.
Congratulations Mum and Dad!!

The Bridget Jones Dilemma

So I would love to wear something as gorgeous and romantic as this on my wedding day:
But the dress would probably prefer that I wear this instead:

Such a shame. Maybe the next couple of years spent on a treadmill will help the situation.
In brighter news, Mel and I are planning another exciting dress shopping London excursion - we've found one bridal salon that stocks both of the current dressesofourdreams. Yay!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Not wedding related but...

These clothes make me want a baby. At least, they make me want to buy my gorgeous nephew a load of cool clothes.
By Free Range Baby, based in Wellington, NZ.
He would be the coolest kid in the playground.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Dingbat's Agenda: Dingbat Press Giveaway!!!!

I've entered, and so should you!!! Dingbat Press produces some of the most stunning invitation suites I've seen - and now one lucky blogger has the chance to win a custom invitation suite of their own! There is also a 10% discount for all orders through the Etsy shop untill the end of the month - check it out for more details!
Fingers crossed!

Add it all together

That Dress


These Shoes
Bridesmaids in This Dress
= Too Pretty.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Love is:

This Dress. Wow.

Another picture of Rosa is to be found here.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

And the other extreme

Meet India Blue.
Black opal, diamonds, and platinum all mixed together by Boodles for their Wonderland exhibition. I've met her in real life, and she is even more beautiful than in this picture. Considering that This costs £190,000, it's hardly surprising that India Blue doesn't have a price tag. I'm glad, because now I can imagine going into the store and seeing her on sale for, oh, £100? And then I would wear her with This (Note: in this particular dream sequence I am, of course, a staggeringly beautiful 6 foot size 2 beauty and can wear such things without looking like an extra from the munchkin scene in the Wizard of OZ).

Sigh. Back to the sewing patterns.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Budget Friendly

It seems like a lot of weddings cost a LOT of money - and that's cool, if your budget can allow for it, but some super-excellent sites like Practical Wedding and 2000 Dollar Wedding have got me thinking that there are budget friendly shortcuts for everything. Even The Dress. At the end of the day, its about the marriage, not the wedding, right? Of course I spend a fair bit of time salivating over This or That dress, but is my budget really going to allow for it? and I would love to give my bridesmaids dresses like This - but a group expedition to the US for fittings seems a touch excessive! So, why not make your dress(es)? If you are a bit of a crafty-craftsperson, or have friend/relative who is handy with a sewing machine, why not? Even if neither you nor any of your loved ones can sew, a local dressmaker/seamstress is certainly going to be cheaper than the professional bridal gown designer down the road. My sister had her dress designed and made up from scratch, and the bridesmaid dresses made from an altered pattern, by a local dressmaker. The results were amazing, the quality outstanding, and the total cost for all three dresses was less than a ready-made dress she had previously admired!
I know that sometimes it seems as though the sewingpattern people don't exactly design their pattern packet covers to scream "wear me"- but that's the beauty of it - you can pick any fabric, and colour you like, and in a size that fits you exactly. Most of the patterns include a range of alternatives and embellishments, so if your seamstress is a bit clever, you really could end up with your dream dress. Taking it even further - find a pattern for a evening dress and have it made up in bridal fabric... perfect!

From top to bottom: Simplicity; Simplicity together with Project Runway; Vogue; McCall's together with Hilary Duff & McCall's; Butterick; Simplicity.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Cake toppers!

I'm not sure if we'll end up having figurines or anything on our wedding cake, but these are cute enough to convince me! As always, Etsy has come through to save the day, but there are a few lovely ones from other sources too.

From top to bottom: By Rainsend on Etsy; Wedding Cake Toppers; next two images from That's My Topper ; Lynn's Little Creations on Etsy. All toppers by Rainsend, Lynn, and Wedding Cake Toppers can be completely individualised to suit. But there's something about the simplicity of the porcelain figurines that really grabs my attention.

Monday, 8 September 2008

It seems like Summer's passed us by.

Sorry for the distinct lack of posts over the last couple of weeks - I have just wound up at work (thanks, British Immigration) and am now officially unemployed. Hopefully posting will be much more regular from now on! So, as promised, here is the inspiration board based on the gorgeous bouquet from Blush. As Summer seems to have passed Britain by, and Winter is looming, I've gone for a bright summery wedding: think low-budget, lots of laughs, bright and cheery, and simple. In searching for these images, I stumbled across my new favourite blog; Thoughtful Day. Erica has, while also showering her readers with billions of beautiful finds, pulled together a stunning destination wedding with a gorgeous yellow and grey colour scheme. In fact, the paper suite in the upper left corner is Erica's, and she has now started up a business designing invites and paper goods for other couples! Check out Thoughtful Day for a much prettier version of what I have tried to pull together below.Image credits Top row: Design suite by Thoughtful Day; Photograph via Practical Wedding; Bridemaid dress from Top Shop; Centrepiece from Martha Stewart; Middle row: Earrings from Tanya McGuire; Bouquet by Blush; Bridal gown by Thread Design; Invitation by Creative Montage. Bottom row: Ring Holder from Paloma's Nest; Print by Karen Faulkner; Cake by Rodney Bailey via Wedding Channel.