Tuesday, 23 September 2008

~ Congratulations!!! ~

Today is my parents' 30 year wedding anniversary! that calls for a celebration in my book. As we speak, they have just arrived in Morocco (they're in the first couple of weeks of a big Spanish/Portuguese/Moroccan/British/French adventure which will get them here to me in only a few short weeks - yay!!) so will be unlikely to read this post, but I thought it still definitely deserves a mention.
I'm sure there have been marital ups and downs of which I am unaware, but from what I can see Mum and Dad have been each others best friend since they first locked eyes across the bandroom in Blenheim.
They both complement and compliment each other, and although they are quite different people, they find the same things funny and want the same things from their lives. The trip they're currently on is one of many they have taken (some with my sister and I, but, latterly, more often by themselves) and they are always trying new cultures and sharing things together.
I am a less extroverted version of my Dad - we respond in the same way to the same things, and I think my Mum is a perfect foil for him. I know the belief is that girls subconsciously look for someone like their father in a boyfriend, but I think that in Dave I've actually found someone more like my Mum. I like to think that we're a pretty good team too.
And if we can have 30 (+) years like they have had, we'll be doing just fine.
Congratulations Mum and Dad!!

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