Monday, 29 September 2008

Who ate all the pies?

There are two things that Dave has specifically requested for our wedding. As he's pretty laid back when it comes to centrepieces, save the date designs, and shoes, I figure that it's only fair that he should have his few wishes granted.

First off the blocks: the man wants a big band to play at the reception. No arguments from me. This is something that I really wanted, but had never mentioned as I thought it would be waaay too expensive, so I popped it on the nice, but not gonna happen pile. But then he bought it up. Bless.

Secondly: he wants pies. Yep, Mrs Macs in a pie warmer pies. Dave has a few in-jokes with a few people concerning the beauty of the 1 dollar pie. He wants a pie warmer at the reception so that if our guest don't like their Moroccan lamb whatnots they can be consoled with some beef and gravy in a soggy pasty pocket.
Fair enough. Who am I to judge? He wants so little... let them eat pies.


Melina said...

If there's Steak & Cheese, I swear I'll RSVP to your wedding so fast you won't believe it!!!

Emilia said...

that's freaking awesome. Go Dave!!

east side bride said...