Monday, 17 November 2008

Betwixt and Between

After a few days in sunny sunny Ashburton (eating far too much lovely farm food cooked by Gran), I'm now back in Blenheim for one night, and one night only, before heading down to our bach in the Marlborough Sounds until Friday.
I could get used to this gallivanting around.
Ashburton was fab - I LOVE the farm, it's one of my favourite places, and it was so nice to spend time with my grandparents when I didn't expect to see them for another year or more. I also got to talk weddings a bit. sigh. Now off to another one of my favourite places ever - all this relaxing is making my visa worries disappear (nearly).
Best best wishes to wonderful Helena who is now off on her big OE - currently in Bangkok, I believe.
Just a thought - would it not be prudent of the Canterbury District Health Board to not spend $7,000 on a farewell party when hospitals in the area are understaffed and patients are on waiting lists? Could Gordon Davies have perhaps spent some of his $450,000 pay packet on a party for himself? Some cheese and pineapple toothpicks? a plate of sausage rolls? a tray of fairy bread?
** an adendum to this post - perhaps, instead of spending X amount on a wedding, we could donate said sum to the people of Canterbury to try and increase staff numbers and reduce waiting lists. Just touche'd myself really.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Best Place My Arse

New Plymouth is not the best place in the world to live.

It's just not.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Lo and behold

I have something to say about the wedding again already (my new nonchalant attitude lasting all of two days).
Today I was in town for the Armistice Day service, and took the opportunity to check out a couple of churches nearby. I walked into the Nativity Church and instantly felt that that was the one (for me anyway - will have to check all this with Dave obviously). It is light and airy and happy-feeling. Also, although it isn't technically my family church, I have attended far more concerts, events, and services there - be they incredibly happy or incredibly sad - than anywhere else, and I feel more of a connection to it.
I haven't checked out the beloved Convent yet, and I still will (don't panic pro-conventees!), but I just have a feeling that the Nativity Church is right. It could also have helped that it is a sunshiny day here today and I am feeling quite positive generally.
As I said - today is Armistice Day. Remember those who fought and died, or fought and lived, on both sides of the line. Whether you agree with the fighting of past or present wars or not - the fact remains that if we remember and reflect, perhaps we can stop history repeating itself.
Lest we forget.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Not only...

am I now back from holiday, but I am also back in New Zealand! Surprise! it was all a bit hush hush so as to be a surprise for my sister, but here I am back in NZ hopefully not for too long. It's a visa issue I have... trying to convince British Immigration that Dave and I are a real couple (wish me luck; it's been a nightmare thus far) so that I can come back to the UK and carry on working. All a bit tiresome, not to mention expensive, but there are a couple of silver linings; meeting my gorgeous nephew, catching up with family and friends, including my grandparents, and enjoying the weather. Also, my sister and I can go scouting prospective wedding venues (I have been warned by no less than 3 independent sources that the Convent is perhaps not as large as I have been informed, so I need to go see for myself).
It's nice being home and all, everything is familiar and cosy and whatnot, but it's a bit odd too; being away from Dave (possibly for 6 months if I don't get my way with the Authorities) and in a sort of suburban limbo.
But I need to stop complaining and start enjoying it. The application has been sent and there's not a lot I can do about it now.
One of the Best things about being home is that I was able to vote in person in our national election! Voting Day is one of my favourite days in the year (every three years, I mean) and I love getting all dressed up to Make a Difference. Unfortunately (in my opinion) the wrong party won. I am a little bitter, and it will take a while for me to get over it, but things could be worse I guess. I have 10,000 words worth of rant, but I won't get into it.
In brighter news - Yay Obama!!! that was something of a highlight. In my opinion, it changes everything, and, as a humble quasi-political scientist, I did get chills thinking of all those people in America who are now feeling socially engaged because they personally effected change. Wicked.
Apart from being excited about venue perusal, I have to say I am a little wedding'd out. Maybe it's because it's 2 whole years away. Maybe it's because I have, over the last 2 months, gorged myself at the trough of Wedding Ideas. Probably it's a mixture of both. But in any case, I am not Feeling It right now. I expect that it will return though. So, although I will continue to read my favourite wedding blogs, this blog may drift a little. Not sure in what direction yet, but I'll figure something out. And undoubtedly I will become enthralled by centrepieces again in due course!