Monday, 10 November 2008

Not only...

am I now back from holiday, but I am also back in New Zealand! Surprise! it was all a bit hush hush so as to be a surprise for my sister, but here I am back in NZ hopefully not for too long. It's a visa issue I have... trying to convince British Immigration that Dave and I are a real couple (wish me luck; it's been a nightmare thus far) so that I can come back to the UK and carry on working. All a bit tiresome, not to mention expensive, but there are a couple of silver linings; meeting my gorgeous nephew, catching up with family and friends, including my grandparents, and enjoying the weather. Also, my sister and I can go scouting prospective wedding venues (I have been warned by no less than 3 independent sources that the Convent is perhaps not as large as I have been informed, so I need to go see for myself).
It's nice being home and all, everything is familiar and cosy and whatnot, but it's a bit odd too; being away from Dave (possibly for 6 months if I don't get my way with the Authorities) and in a sort of suburban limbo.
But I need to stop complaining and start enjoying it. The application has been sent and there's not a lot I can do about it now.
One of the Best things about being home is that I was able to vote in person in our national election! Voting Day is one of my favourite days in the year (every three years, I mean) and I love getting all dressed up to Make a Difference. Unfortunately (in my opinion) the wrong party won. I am a little bitter, and it will take a while for me to get over it, but things could be worse I guess. I have 10,000 words worth of rant, but I won't get into it.
In brighter news - Yay Obama!!! that was something of a highlight. In my opinion, it changes everything, and, as a humble quasi-political scientist, I did get chills thinking of all those people in America who are now feeling socially engaged because they personally effected change. Wicked.
Apart from being excited about venue perusal, I have to say I am a little wedding'd out. Maybe it's because it's 2 whole years away. Maybe it's because I have, over the last 2 months, gorged myself at the trough of Wedding Ideas. Probably it's a mixture of both. But in any case, I am not Feeling It right now. I expect that it will return though. So, although I will continue to read my favourite wedding blogs, this blog may drift a little. Not sure in what direction yet, but I'll figure something out. And undoubtedly I will become enthralled by centrepieces again in due course!

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Helena said...

Dearest, you are certainly not a "humble quasi-political scientist". You are a real political scientist, and don't you forget it!!