Wednesday, 29 October 2008

just a lazy back from holiday post

I've just had the nicest holiday away with my mum and dad. We met up with them down in London, as our band was playing in a contest at the Royal Albert Hall (we came 5th! oh yeah!), and then we headed down to beautiful Bath for a week. We were staying in a gorgeous wee cottage and I got some much needed relaxation in. Then Dave came down to meet us and we headed over to the Loire Valley, south of Paris for 4 days. We drank lots of wine, ate lots of cheese, and generally pottered around tiny villages all week. Bliss!! A perfect two weeks away was nicely rounded off with a gig with the band at the Louvre. A bit surreal, but very cool. We were doing our Acid Brass stuff (remixes of old Acid classics... a bit hard to explain, but it's good fun and goes off at the festivals) and got a good crowd in. It was awesome catching up with mum and dad too.

So now I'm just feeling a bit sleepy and worn out (worn out from relaxing? seems so) so today's post is a lazy one.

Check out this dress. Got $12m?? Feel like blowing it all on a dress? It's pretty sparkly I guess, but I'm not so into the lace-up side bits.
I'll get back on track with something a bit more interesting soon... promise.

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Sarah said...

Yikes...this is the kind of dress that makes me think "If it makes the bride happy then this is the most beautiful dress I've ever seen."