Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Something I don't get about weddings

The rehearsal dinner. I honestly don't get it - I understand the bridal party meeting at the ceremony venue a day prior to the Day to run through how it's all going to happen. I understand wanting to catch up with out of town guests, because the reception itself is likely to be pretty busy and full on, but a dinner? to practice eating and engaging in polite conversation? I hope by now I have those skills covered. And if you give a speech at the rehearsal dinner, what is then said at the reception?
But The Knot (I know, I know) has taught me that not only is it Absolutely Necessary to have a rehearsal dinner, but it is also vital that a brand new dress is bought for said occasion.

Hmmmm this is coming out a wee bit snarky - it's not intended to be! maybe it's just different cultures and traditions; it seems as though the rehearsal dinner thang is more an American tradition - is that true? how about in the UK? in NZ? I guess also the style of wedding might impact upon other expectations too...

Personally, I would rather spend the night before the wedding chilling with my girls and my mum, having a couple of wines and watching The Sweetest Thing (ok, I stole that directly from my sister's wedding eve - but it was lovely!).

While I'm questioning it all... is there a difference between a bachelorette party, a hens night and a bridal shower? And a bridesmaids luncheon?

Goodness gracious me.
However. If we were to have a rehearsal dinner, and I was to buy a dress for it, I would HAVE to buy this:

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Melina said...

I quite like the idea of the rehearsal dinner as the chance to be a little less formal and catch up with friends and family - however I wouldn't do it on the eve of the wedding, but maybe a day or two before the eve?

My reasoning is simply because I want to go back to where Kane proposed and a rehearsal dinner there would be a nice touch. Also to give the bridal party their gifts and to enjoy some time with loved ones when things are a little less stressful!

That's my two cents worth anyway! I do, however, TOTALLY endorse Oasis dresses! :)