Monday, 6 October 2008

an apology

very sorry to anyone who has been checking to see if I've written anything since last Wednesday. Unfortunately, Talk Talk (= worst internet provider in the UK) has let me down and the internet has been on the blink for a few days. I have called the Indian sub-continent a couple of times, but their databases are down also, so no help there.
After a trip to the library to write a couple of necessary emails, I've managed to restart the computer and the internet appears to be working again. However, it did that on Friday for all of 10 minutes and then crashed again, so I'm not holding my breath. Why didn't I do a course in computers? a B.A. can't fix the internet.
All going well I'll get some posting in this week - but from Friday I am off to London to perform with the Fairey Band at the Royal Albert Hall. Then, following a fun London day with Mel, I am on holiday with my mum and dad (yay! they just arrived in London yesterday!) in Bath for a week and then in the Loire Valley in France for a second week. The holiday finishes up with Dave and I performing, again with the Fairey Band, this time at the Louvre - woopee!!!!
A big thanks to everyone who has been reading and commenting! I know Paper Ballerinas hasn't achieved world domination just yet, but it's been lots of fun nevertheless!

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Melina said...

Fun London day may be without trying on potential wedding dresses I'm afraid! However, I suggest finding a Benjamin Roberts store to perhaps indulge in some time with the beloved Blue by Enzoani range?

In fact, I think you should do a blog about the beauty that is Blue by Enzoani! Not being bossy or anything ;-)