Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Hair pieces

When I've tried on wedding dresses, I've loved it when the bridal store assistant has popped a veil on my head. It makes it all seem that much more bridal. But then, the other day, I tried on a stunning taffeta gown that had a silk flower at the waist. Instead of a veil, a clutch of silk flowers were clipped into my hair.

I was sold - veil schmael; I'm totally going with flowers.

Twigs and Honey is currently taking Etsy and the blogging world by storm, and Myra's creations have become so popular that apart from the first 30 orders received today, orders are closed for the time being! I tried valiantly to win a hair piece for myself, but no such luck.

But fear not, there are some other stunning hair piece options lurking on the web.

Mikiye Creations have many many hair pieces that I would be more than happy to wear (and are still taking custom orders!). These two are my favourites from her collection

This one is called Camellia. So romantic.

And this whimsical wee love is called Holly Golightly.

And this pair of peonies from Butterfly Enchantress

There are a ton of other options just on Etsy alone - with jewels, feathers, headbands, fascinator veils; all sorts!

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katie.chapman said...

Pretty! And something like that would look really gorgeous with your hair.