Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The coolest wall tile in the world

I was just cruising around on Esty and stumbled across this - the most beautiful wall tile ever created. I challenge you to find a more aesthetically pleasing wall tile. It's 9" sq, and 3" deep. And I want it so bad. So bad I can taste it. It's name is Fungi, its made of porcelain, and it's by Heather of Element Clay Studio. There are a bunch of others in the collection, all cool, but I am drawn to this one. It's on the market for a cool $245 - well worth it for a good piece of art, but unfortunately a tad out of my budget. Check out Heather's other listings - I also love the Urchin Bowls.

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Gossip. Style. Wed. said...

that is ::so:: unique and beautiful. great find!