Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Lo and behold

I have something to say about the wedding again already (my new nonchalant attitude lasting all of two days).
Today I was in town for the Armistice Day service, and took the opportunity to check out a couple of churches nearby. I walked into the Nativity Church and instantly felt that that was the one (for me anyway - will have to check all this with Dave obviously). It is light and airy and happy-feeling. Also, although it isn't technically my family church, I have attended far more concerts, events, and services there - be they incredibly happy or incredibly sad - than anywhere else, and I feel more of a connection to it.
I haven't checked out the beloved Convent yet, and I still will (don't panic pro-conventees!), but I just have a feeling that the Nativity Church is right. It could also have helped that it is a sunshiny day here today and I am feeling quite positive generally.
As I said - today is Armistice Day. Remember those who fought and died, or fought and lived, on both sides of the line. Whether you agree with the fighting of past or present wars or not - the fact remains that if we remember and reflect, perhaps we can stop history repeating itself.
Lest we forget.


Jenny said...

Go the Nativity Church!! (That's where we got married)

Melina said...

But the CONVENT!!! *wails*