Thursday, 7 May 2009

Help please!

Since time immemorial I have had Big Issues with my hair. There was the unfortunate shortening incident in 1997, closely followed by the red dye disaster of 1998. I have been on a fairly even keel since, not straying too far from the shoulder length layers, but I've still not over come the Triangle Head. You know what I mean - thin on top, but ridiculously curly and frizzy at the ends. It is something of a problem. I have tried so many different products, but I still look like this:
(no, that's not actually me).

Any suggestions? I have heard Big Sexy Hair is good... I need something for volume on top, with curl-enhancing anti-frizz properties all over.

Ingredients are not my main concern. I would bob for apples in a vat of hydrochloric acid if it would provide resolution.


Being Brazen said...

i have curly hair - well, most of the time - i like mousse. i like mousse that holds but isnt hard.

i also find some leave in conditioners can work very well.

i like joico products and wella conditioning mousse. I have tried sooo many products. i am still waiting to find the ultimate perfect curl making product :)

Melina said...

Oh Ju, you know your hair doesn't look like that!

I've got some Redken thickening volume lotion I got coerced into buying (yes, pathetic huh? Because I REALLY need to thicken my hair!) I'll send up to you to try that if you want? It's just sitting there, mocking me.

But otherwise L'oreal products are really good? Or see if the Aussie brand have a volumising product because their stuff is quite good without spending a fortune.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

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kaz said...

I adore that you had to put a disclaimer under that picture!

A "cheery" disposition said...

Ever since sex and the city with carrie bradshaws hair i have been madly in love with messy curly hair. Sadly I don't have curly hair so I can't help you.

un-bride said...

Ah, the 90's. I had that hair. What were we thinking?!?!