Friday, 29 May 2009

You know what’s weird?

Reading the blog of person A, a person that I do not know at all but who happens to live in the same country I used to live in, only to read a comment by person B, click through to the blog of person B, and discover that it’s someone from my not-so-distant past. It really is a small world.
The last time I spoke to B was maybe 3 years ago. I know that at the time we disagreed strongly about something – and while I can’t really remember exactly on what terms we parted (no, it’s not an old love interest), for some reason I know with absolute certainty that we aren’t Friends now. Except on Facebook, but that doesn’t really count. Perhaps it is because our friendship was a high school one that petered out naturally, perhaps we are completely different people now compared to who we were back then, perhaps there is nothing more to it than that, but I am still sitting at my desk feeling a bit funny. Like I want to get in touch but have absolute no idea what I would say, where we would start, what would be the point, or if B would even want to speak to me anyway. Because I don’t know if we are fighting or just acquaintances-who-used-to-be-friends-once.
Is that a bit weird?
B’s blog is hilarious though. Dirty, but hilarious. Someone I would like to know.


Melina said...

Not really that weird - I mean blogging has a certain voyeuristic nature, doesn't it? Why don't you get in touch and explain how you found their blog? That's a good starting point as any - and mention that you liked their blog.

un-bride said...

Reaching out is never a bad thing. What's the worst outcome? You're still not friends (aka the same as now.)

Bells said...

We all drift apart from some of our friends for one reason or other. However, it does sometimes happen that you drift back together – no really! Worth a go I think – nothing ventured, nothing gained - and there could be so much to gain.