Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Being positive

In an effort to not be so self-deprecating and negative, and inspired by these lists currently floating in the blogosphere, here is my list of 10 things that make me terribly happy: (not including specific people... obv).

1. getting the terravision bus to the airport
2. a cheese platter, a bottle of red, and one or more girlfriends
3. waiting for the curtain to come up at the theatre
4. reading letters from my sister and my gran
5. saving up really really hard for something I covet, and finally holding it in my hands
6. finding treasures at the library
7. dancing and singing giddily when I'm all by myself (a.k.a pretending to be a rock star)
8. being given a bunch of flowers
9. spending over an hour getting ready for a night out - esp if doing so with a friend
10. Christmas

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Being Brazen said...

nice list....cheese platter with wine make me happy too - so does dancing around and singing on my own..heehee

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

good call on the curtain before a show at the theatre! great list.

Amanda said...

Ah! Just reading "cheese platter and bottle of wine" puts a giant smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

I can smell the bunch of flowers! :) Makes me happy too!

Julienne said...

I also LOVE not being rushed when getting ready to go out. Alex is always on me to hurry up but after many, MANY fights he's backed off and leaves me alone.

katie.chapman said...

Cheese and wine...soooo many memories! And getting ready for more han an hour...Now I'm getting all sentimental!
I think I'd have to have the perfect horror/comedy chick flick DVD night combo on there too probably combined with the cheese and wine!!

Melina said...

Very nice!! By the way, I saw that white dress in your post below at Warehouse yesterday ... something to save up for?? ;-)