Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Photos, Paul Henry, and a concerning tv show

You simply MUST go and check out the latest installment of Sexy Red Frame's wedding photos. I've been following her posts of wedding shots, and loving them (so unposed, so natural), but this last lot takes the cake (the biscuit? something about that line doesn't look right). I'm going to direct (ha! I'm the BOSS) our wedding photographer to the blog to check out Ian's work, cause if we could emulate anything, I'd want it to be these. I should probably see what Dave thinks too ;)

Yesterday, a guy got in the lift with me and he looked exactly like Paul Henry, NZs "favourite" radio and tv broadcaster. I actually really love Paul Henry, he's a bit of a shit but he cracks me up. He ran for a relatively safe seat in government and was beaten by Georgina Beyer, the worlds first elected transsexual MP.

Dave and my new favourite program is "Boys & Girls Alone" (it's a social experiment, not reality tv, dontcha know). I miss half of it because of dancing (which is going very well, except that last night we had to do a dramatic slide across the floor and I bruised my poor knee), but Dave catches me up. It's really interesting - for those who don't know, 15 boys and 15 girls are living separately in two farm cottage places in the middle of nowhere - with no parents. It's amazing (and at times both sad and heartwarming) to see how they build their own wee societies; the people that get shunned (sad), and the ones who rise to the challenge (heartwarming). It seems to me that the youngest kids, at 8 years old, just get on with things, whereas the older ones, at 10/11 years, get more caught up in power plays and dramatics. There is one girl in particular who is 11 going on 25 - waaaaayy too much drama, and bollocks for my liking (not that I was any different, I'm sure). What did slightly concern me though, was last night the two groups met for the first time at a party. The girls were so confident, which I think is just awesome, but the boys were almost cowering. They didn't seem to know what to say or do and seemed genuinely frightened by the girls. The girls ended up being really mean to them and chasing them away from the house. One of the boys ended up with a cut hand from where a girl hit him with a broom. I saw one girl kick another boy. None of the boys retaliated. Which I guess is good, but I thought it sad that whereas the girls were all so strong and sure, the boys were at a loss for what to do, and didn't defend themselves when they were actually getting really picked on. The parents (watching on cctv) thought it was all pretty damn funny - but I wonder what they would have been saying if it had been the other way round?


redframe said...

Oh my word, thanks for the wonderful link-love! So glad someone else thinks our pics are perfect too, and that the exact feel we wanted came through, natural & relaxed!!!
That show sounds whack, it actually scares me to think what awful truths about humanity could come out there?

katie.chapman said...

Paul Henry rules. And those photos are stunning!!

Melina said...

Wow they are gorgeous photos! I LOVE that 5th photo - the colours, the pose, it's beautiful!! I hope our photographer can pull something as beautiful out of the hat for us!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I have had a crush on Paul Henry for years, I think he's great. :)

(Don't judge). :P