Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! I know I'm a day early, but a) it is Valentines Day at home, and b) I don't think I'll be around to post tomorrow. Not sure what we'll be up to - hopefully hopping a train to Colwyn Bay in Wales for the day for a mosey around. We don't traditionally go all out for Valentines, but it'll be nice to just spend the day together near the sea. And maybe have a meal out, if we can find a restaurant with room.

It's funny being at work this time of year and hearing everyone's thoughts on Valentines; people are pretty polarised actually! I' usually on the "it's commercialised and stoopid, people should say they love each other every day" side of the fence, but sitting here on Valentines Eve I'm feeling on board. Love is nice, after all.

Annnnnnddd HAPPY ENGAGED-IVERSARY!!!! to Mel and Kane for tomorrow!!! this time next year you'll be smug marrieds!!! I hope you guys have a lovely day.

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Melina said...

Aww thanks Ju! :)