Monday, 2 February 2009

A good way to waste 15 minutes & an anecdote from Saturday night

Found this morning on In This Instance (one of my favourite must-read blogs - check out her wedding recaps in the "about me" section = stunning), is this fun tool that figures out your decor style. Here is the direct link.


The above words sound a little arsey, but when I went over the summary of things I liked at the end, it surprisingly came together in my ideal style (I have a tendency to contradict myself in quizzes - remember those ones in Dolly and Girlfriend?? or those "which Friend/Sex and the City person are you" questionnaires? Always kinda annoyed me).

I caught the tram home late on Saturday night after an evening with a friend. As we passed through a station a large group of girls got on; all identically dressed to the nines with their beehive hairdos, little dresses (do they not know how cold it is outside?), and not a day over seventeen. It transpired that they were heading to Baa Bar for the evening, and pre-drinks had obviously set them up for a good night (except for the girl crying down the other end of the carriage. There's always one). As we neared the city their {identical} cellphones came out of {identical} clutches as the girls scrambled to gather those eager beavers already in town. Suddenly the carriage was filled with the sound of at least 5 identically dressed teens crying "baa bar, baa bar, baa bar". Indeed. *

* to those who know me best - yup, I know I'm being mean and hypocritical, having spent many a night in my black Glassons trousers and a sparkly top dancing around a cluster of handbags in town, looking pretty much exactly the same as all my friends. And yes, I loved every minute of it (except for when I was crying. Which didn't happen that much, but still). Just thought the above was funny is all.


Tara said...

Hey- thanks for the shout out! You are too sweet!

Part of the fun of those little quizzes is the arsey marketing copy writing! They always have to fill in a few buzz words!

Melina said...

You were obviously way cooler than I was Ju - I never took a handbag into town and just shoved my ID, cellphone and EFTPOS card into the pocket of my black Glassons pants :-) Or trousers, if anyone from the UK is reading this :-)
That quiz was kinda cool though!

katie.chapman said...

Mel, the real class was shoving all that into your bra - one way to enhance clevage at least! I too like that quiz, thanks Ju!

Melina said...

I used to try that Katie, but the edges of my Eftpos card was sharp :-(