Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Lazy post - some things I like

So today I was having a look on Something Old, Something New, and found a couple of ideas that I really like (I also really like Something Old, Something New, by the way; Mackenzie's range of invites are really lovely. I'm quite a fan and a frequent lurker on her blog).

These ring pillows, also found here:

2) and, slightly more excitingly as they're just the thing I've been looking for;
These stunning, glorious necklaces (and earrings etc etc etc):

Here's the
direct link. Seriously, WANTING one of these. My dress is actually pretty busy though, so a pair of earrings may be more suitable. In any case, I'm loving how classic, yet unusual, these necklaces are. There's just something about them. I have a bit of a thing for pearls, and these are something special I think.

yep, I'm lazy. I shall try to write a deeper post tomorrow.

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