Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Sorry, I'm turning into one of those sporadic bloggers... not that I was ever particularly regular, but you know, once a week ain't great.
Work is fantastic, but after having not had a full time job for 5 months, is taking it's toll and all I want to do at night when I get home is curl up in front of the telly! It's a bit rubbish, but I'm sure I'll get used to it again.
I don't want to talk about work (details, I mean) on this blog too much; there are too many stories floating around of people getting in trouble for the wrong person reading their blog. Not that I have anything negative to say, even if I was to change my policy. Well, except for that gmail isn't available any time f the day at work. I reckon Dave's work has it right - sites like that (and facebook) are only available before 8.30am and after 5.30pm. Seems reasonable to me. While our computer is broken and we are relying on our {generous} flatmate, it'd be good to at least ping off a couple of emails before work.
anyway... it's a great role and I'm enjoying it a lot. Being so close to the city centre is awesome too. Although I do miss working at the radio station. There was something a bit cool about that, and I have to say that finance is just not that... sparkly? The people are just as nice as my old team though, so that's the main thing to me.
On the wedding front, Mum went in and booked the church for us a couple of days ago. Apparently they were really surprised, as our dates not till 2010 - they said they didn't even have a diary for that year! it surprised me because our venue proprietor just said a few weeks ago that we're lucky we booked last year; apparently they are completely booked for late 2010 weekends. Our photographer said the same last time I spoke to her, and I was just contacting a florist the other day who said that we don't need to pay a deposit now, but she will book us in because she's getting pretty full up too. So if most vendors are getting booked up for 2010, but the church doesn't even have a diary yet, what does that mean? are people presuming that the church will just be available, or is a massive shift away from church weddings happening, in favour of wineries and gardens and whatnot? I don't feel particularly strongly one way or the other, but it seems a bit sad to me if that is the case.
Any thoughts?


Melina said...

I think there may be a shift away from the Church - when I've mentioned my ceremony booking dilemmas, everyone's quick to make suggestions and no one has thought that I'd be after a church wedding! (or that could just be me, which in that case would be quite a sad reflection on my strong Methodist upbringing!!)
Methodist upbringing aside, I think the stress of having an outdoor wedding would be too great to handle - rain, wind, extreme cold, marquees falling down, heels getting stuck in the grass, etc are just all too much for me to bear! Indoor venues all the way!

Julia said...

exactly!! even if I didn't want to get married in a church, I couldn't handle the possibility of drama! WE've just been invited to a wedding at Coventry Guildhall, which would be a gorgeous indoor secular alternative. But unfortunately, Blenheim isn't overrun with ancient guildhalls, so it's lucky we're all for the church wedding!