Monday, 16 February 2009

Like spooning?

The term "spooning" originated in Wales, where historically young men would carve a spoon for the girl that they wished to court. Her acceptance of the spoon confirmed her interest, and I guess after that they'd start going on dates and whatnot. Dave and I ended up catching a train to Wales for Valentines Day, spending a lovely day in the sleepy fishing village of Conwy (the castle rocked - check it out if you're ever over that way). When we were having dinner on Saturday night, Dave gave me a spoon he'd bought that day! (awwwww). He's since decided that next year he's going to try to whittle me one, and will continue to have a go at it each year until he carves one that's "good enough". how nice!

The spoon pictured here isn't mine, it's just one off the interweb somewhere. Mine one has a heart at the top and then a keyhole/cross thing below. It's very pretty.

What a nice tradition!


The Cwtch said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend. I am still waiting for my man to whittle me a love spoon! In my business I make love-spoon cookies which are v. popular as wedding favours here in Wales.

Julia said...

that's a brilliant idea!!

Anonymous said...

very sweet!

Amanda B. Young said...

That is so incredibly sweet! Sounds like you have an incredibly romantic fiance!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll keep reading!

Being Brazen said...

cute - I never knew that