Monday, 16 March 2009

yay SPRING!!!!

Spring has sprung in Manchester finally. I'm so pleased, it was such a beautifully sunny day today - everyone was sitting around outside eating their lunches. A nice change from the usual! We went for a walk yesterday up to the lovely Lymm Dam. There were daffodil meadows everywhere and lots of dogwalkers and happy families running about. We even got an icecream, it was quite the Spring outing. Here is a picture of Lymm Dam - so nice to get out of the city:

Here are some nice Spring things for you today...

These lovely spring chicken earrings

This cute cute wee chicken bowl - perfect for holding chicken earrings no?

this print - perfect for a nursery

I don't even know what you'd do with this, but it's cute eh?

I am so pleased that Winter seems to be over. Hope I haven't jinxed it.


Kaz said...

haha Ju I love your writing - it feels like you are right here telling me about it! Give my love to Dave. Miss you guys heaps!! xx

Being Brazen said...

The sheep is cute...useless...but sooo cute :)