Thursday, 19 March 2009

Smiling at the office, and then all the way home

I know I said I wouldn't blog about work, but this guy just makes my day.

He works in the mailroom and periodically appears at our window in a very "here's Johnny"-esque manner to collect our mail.

He LOVES mail! and I don't even mean that in a patronizing "he loves mail but it's a menial task while I am up here in a real office" kind of way. He manages the mailroom, actually, and it is probably a very challenging role. You wouldn't know it though, cause Mailman always (and I mean always - unless he has intermittent meltdowns in the bathroom, which I doubt. Doesn't seem the type) has a smile on his dial.

Yesterday, he called to say (you might want to sit down for this) that the trial of the new courier company has finished, and, after extensive consultation, the mailroom has put forward a recommendation that we stick with the new courier company! You could practically see the excitement radiating out of the phone.

I vote we give Mailman a promotion and make him the head of one of the dour, world weary, upstairs departments. I'm not even being sarcastic - there should be more people like this guy in positions of power.

(p.s. I do know his name - I'm just not going to write it on the blog. Can you tell that I'm nervous about appearing elitist? I honestly don't think I'm better than Mailman, I just really enjoy him)

* image isn't of Mailman, but is a dramatic recreation.