Thursday, 12 March 2009

I love Michael Jackson (even more than I love Bruce Willis. You didn't think it was possible did you?).

I need Michael Jackson tickets. Need them, I tell you.

He’s playing a residency in London, don’t you know? (if you live in England you must know; it’s all anyone’s been talking about. Well, that and Jade Goody, which I’m not even going to get into). There was a pre-registration process, which I did. Then a select number of pre-registered people got a special code which allowed them to buy up to 4 tickets as of 7am yesterday. I was lucky enough to receive a code, but thanks to work’s no gmail policy (probably put in place for this very reason…) I didn’t get my code until 6pm last night, by which time all the allocated presale tickets (approx half of all the tickets) for the 30 concerts were sold out. They reckon another 20 gigs are to be added over today, and my presale code will still work until 7am tomorrow, but I don’t have my code with me at work so I can’t keep trying! (that, and I’d probably get fired if I spent all afternoon watching ticketmaster). Also, the new gigs are getting into January next year so I doubt we’d be able to go anyway – anything post-July is getting difficult.

The remaining tickets are being released at 7am tomorrow. I’ll be getting up early to give it a go, but I’ve stopped holding my breath.
Incidentally, ebay auctions and the like are already through the roof. I love Michael a lot, but £600 is a bit steep.

Whatever happened to the days of lining up outside the CD Store to buy tickets? Those who camped the longest got the golden ticket. Seems fairer to me – now you’re battling thousands of other people online and if your internet connection can’t hack the pace, you’re out. John McClaine wouldn’t have had a shot (just watched 4.0 last night – the technology is still above him. Thank goodness Justin Long was there with his Nokia).


Being Brazen said...

Michael used to be SOOO cool. I still love his old music. I wish he didnt look so weird now :)

Julia said...

Yeah, I think he just needs a friend and also to
I'm not a fan of his new stuff at all - but the old stuff ahhhhhhhhh

Melina said...

He doesn't just look weird, but I wonder if he could moonwalk his way through an entire concert these days?