Monday, 9 March 2009

A very British weekend

We just had a lovely relaxing weekend. Friday we were out with friends, and Saturday was mostly spent chillin out. But then on Sunday we had a lovely British field trip day! We caught a train to Skipton (and in good National Rail tradition, there was track maintenance going on that meant we spent most of the morning on a replacement bus) and visited Skipton Castle.

Not the most impressive we've seen, but lovely none-the-less, and full of families on outings, which was nice to see. The weather was on form too, with gusting winds and hailstorms.

After the castle we caught another train-bus to Bradford for the Yorkshire Area Brass Band Championships (before the mocking begins you should know that I am a brass band enthusiast, and played in a band up until about 4 months ago. Yes, I used to go to band camp. and no, there were no flutes).

Some very good playing was heard, and some excellent KFC was eaten.

A castle and a brass band contest - all in all a lovely British Sunday (we didn't have a Sunday roast though. Something of an oversight).


katie.chapman said...

Is KFC British?

Being Brazen said...

I love castles and KFC

Melina said...

What are your thoughts on British KFC? I can't comprehend the lack of seasoning on the chips! And the chicken just isn't the same :-(

Julia said...

ummm I think that unless Kentucky is an English county, KFC is definitely not local! there is, however, a definite partiality for fast food here. So I guess it fits to a point.
I like the chicken, but then the 11 secret herbs and spices are standard. I do not like how the chips are unseasoned though. that was a nasty surprise when we first had KFC here.

Mum said...

What happened to the ever popular MacDonalds?? Thought that meal was the highlight of wherever you visited?