Wednesday, 6 August 2008

To get the ball rolling...

The Big Day is a mere 26 months away!! I know that it is a long way off yet, but I also know that two years is going to go by very quickly (and, frankly, nothing is going to stop me planning our big day now that the ring is on my finger!). A close friend, and fellow bride-to-be, Mel, is now in the 18 months before her Big Day, and it’s amazing how quickly it’s all happening.
I seem to change my mind every five minutes on the colour scheme, and whether I am pro- or anti-favours, but we have at least got a couple of things in the pipeline.

Aside from the actual vow-exchange/getting-married part of it, I am most into the reception. I love food, and I love my family and friends more than anything – so the idea of throwing the biggest party of our lives at which we get to feed our family and friends is kind of exhilarating! Am gobsmacked, though, at how far in advance places book out – the venue we love best already has bookings into 2010!! so we have jumped on the bandwagon and booked as well.

We are getting married in my home town of Blenheim, New Zealand. The “Sunshine capital of New Zealand” (though Nelson wouldn’t agree – we have a bit of a Shelbyville/Springfield thing going) Blenheim is most well-known for being in Marlborough, one of New Zealand’s wine regions. So we’re kind of spoilt for choice for chic, well-designed, wineries stocking gorgeous food and amazing wines. A few months ago my parents and the in-laws went out for a luncheon at Drylands Estate, a beautiful winery restaurant owned by the amazingly talented Dietmar Schnarre.
Dietmar is also the proprietor of Bellafico which serves The most divine desserts in Blenheim, if not all of New Zealand. Seating 130 people, and with a dance floor all ready to go, Drylands is perfect. Not being a huge fan of the buffet line, but not wanting to restrict choice either, their plated buffet is perfect for us.

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