Friday, 8 August 2008


Before I go much further, I have to write about two of my current favourite bridesmaid dress designers, Jenny Yoo and Jim Hjelm. If there are two more comprehensive and gob-smackingly stunning bridesmaid dress collections out there I've yet to see them. If there is any disappointment surrounding them at all, it's only that they're not yet available in New Zealand. A girl can dream though.

What maid wouldn't feel a million dollars in one of these? fairly unlikely to be worn again, but so glam for the day! I think these dresses from Jim Hjelm's "Occasions" collection would look the part for a formal, ballroom soiree.

If you're after something a little more casual, but equally fabulous, Jim's "Just Tea's" range are made of the same beautiful fabrics, with the same range of colours, as the Occasions range, but with a wearability that would make more than one maid swoon.

Jenny Yoo's bridesmaid collection is already very well known, but I have to take a moment to wax lyrical about it. These dresses are classics. The range of fabrics and colours are almost without rival and I think almost every bridesmaid could find a dress to flatter somewhere in Jenny's site. I love the idea of letting maids choose any style as long as they go with one particular colour/fabric. I think that would result in a really modern, yet classic, bridal party who more than anything would be happy to have a dress that suits them!! I could go on all day, but here are a few of my favourite styles...

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