Wednesday, 13 August 2008

mmmm yummy!

A big thanks to Aly for introducing me to today's guest, Cupcake Parlour. I know some people might see the cupcake tower in lieu of a wedding cake idea as a touch passe, but I think these still look lovely, and even if it's "been done before" it still looks stunning (and tastes it too!) I especially like the idea of having a tower of cupcakes but with a traditional cake as the top layer for cutting. Based in Christchurch, the parlour will deliver anywhere in New Zealand. Even if you don't go with them for a wedding, why not get some delivered to your door just for the sake of it?!


Ms A said...

Those cupcakes are incredible! I don't see why you couldn't have the traditional cake AND the cupcakes, but that's just me. The more baked goods the better...:)

Jenn said...

The Cupcake Collection, recently opened in Beckenham is also very cute. They have a wee cafe attached and you can get tea in cute china mugs a a gorgeous cupcake!

Anonymous said...

The Cupcake Collection is just fantastic - by the far the most gorgeous cupcakes I've ever seen or tasted in NZ or overseas. They are so artistic and so beautifully decorated. We love to pop in for tea or coffee and choose one for afternoon tea.
I would strongly recommend to all!