Thursday, 7 August 2008

Charm itself

Drylands is the venue for our reception, but we haven’t yet decided on the venue for the actual ceremony itself. I am not such a fan of big churches. There’s something about walking down a long aisle in a big church that makes me a bit nervous. Instead, when trawling the net for inspiration, I am drawn to small, intimate churches with a really rustic, old fashioned feel. There is one venue in Marlborough that I have absolutely fallen in love with; Old Saint Mary's Convent. Originally a convent located in the town centre, several years ago the whole building was re-located to the countryside and renovated into a boutique hotel. They have kept the original chapel and have landscape the whole area to within an inch of its life (just to trap people like myself into accepting nothing less; I know their crafty plan). Honestly, this place just fits the wedding in my head so well. It is also now located just over the road from my great-grandparent’s original farm, which would provide some beautiful and meaningful wedding pictures. The blue of the buildings against a perfect summer sky? Bliss.

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