Monday, 18 August 2008

Very inviting

I would love to receive one of these in the post... This morning, via Weddings, I found out that a new online magazine has been launched, called Engaged. I know most wedding magazine have a related website, but most of them are fairly limited and mainly aimed at teasing you until you buy their actual publication. Not so with Engaged - this is a 130-odd page magazine with everything you would usually find in an old fashioned mag, included competitions, and the inevitable advertisements. Having browsed through in my lunch hour, I was immediately smitten with one vendor in particular; Kate Holland. Every invitation in the Signature Collection is stunning, and the body of work in the Custom Collection gallery is beyond impressive. As well as designing and supplying beautiful invitations, Kate will also provide place names, menus, seating plans, RSVP's... the list goes on! Fully flexible, there is also a wee section called "Envelopments" which has a comprehensive range of envelope styles - even if you opt for one of the signature styles, it can still be unique with a tri-envelope and/or belly band! Check them out, there's a set (or 5!) for every taste. Also, in a final push for Engaged - if you register to receive the monthly newsletter, you're automatically entered in all of this months' competitions! Next issue with be online on 1st October 2008.


Sarah @ Brilliant Event Planning said...

Wow - am absolutely blown away by the color choices. Very sumptuous and sophisticated without being snooty. Gorgeous!

Melina said...

Ok, you have just solved my invitation problem. These are gorgeous and unique! I've never actually been inspired by someone's invitation range before - usually you're left thinking how you'd work a range to suit you and the wedding, but these are spot on!

Julia said...

woah - just have to apologise for the plethora of typing inaccuracies in that post! think I have caught most of them now though :)