Thursday, 20 March 2008


My fiance and I keep a blog, mostly our travel stories and daily happenings, which we try to update every month (or so). It's more for our friends and families to keep tabs on what we're up to but is also, hopefully, going to act as a record of our trip - ideally teamed up with a scrapbook and photos; something to bore the grandkids with one day.

THIS effort, however, is for me to blabber on about the things I love and to ramble in the way that is usually reserved for emails to my girlfriends. Since getting engaged to Dave last December (actually, to be perfectly honest, since I got my first ballerina Barbie and reinacted the wedding scene from The Princess Bride) I have become a touch wedding obsessed. Am mostly interested in The Dress, but have also rediscovered my love of paper and crafting and beautiful things. Is anyone else in love with Style Me Pretty? I am very much so - I'm not so ambitious as to think that I can aspire to that level of perfection (my first effort at an inspiration board quite frankly was not so good), but I'll have a go anyway.


Ju xx

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