Wednesday, 14 January 2009

This one wins the award...

for the Best Wedding Ever. {that is, of people I do not know}.

For starters, let me introduce you to my new fav wedding blog evah - The Unbride
I'm enjoying my last day of freedom, and have spent a happy hour trawling through the archives of this magical blog. Justine is an amazing photographer, and a great writer too - seriously, you should check this one out!

I don't know Justine and Gary, I know very little about them apart from what she blogs - but did I cry while watching their wedding slideshow? yep. Thrice. The photos, the music-that-goes-with-the-photos, the decor etc etc. And then I watched the video and cried once more. Are they not the most exquisite couple ever? EVER? how much fun did that day look? So park your bum for 20 minutes and enjoy... and then have a read through the archives and goggle at how many music-biz people these guys seem to know. Goggle? I dunno.

And is that Lisa Loeb singing at their ceremony? oh yes.

Now I'm off to buy Dave some chucks...

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