Saturday, 17 January 2009

Cute Things

I found on Etsy today and want, but cannot afford:

Small Vanilla Tears vase found here:

it's reminiscent of the wall tile I liked a couple of months ago...

These pins:

If I had them, I would decide what mood I was in each day and wear one of them accordingly. On pins, have you seen these little offerings at HMV? I wonder what the real goths think... I wonder if it kind of defeats the purpose buying one's goth pins in a neat little package from hmv, in the aisle next to Britney's latest (not that I have anything against Britney - I shake my booty to Toxic whenever possible).

This set of rice bowls:

Dave's brother gave us a similar set for a Christmas present a few years ago, although ours have an interesting texture on the outside and only the inside is glazed. I really like them, and we don't use them nearly enough. Currently they're in storage at one of 4 possible locations in New Zealand. I forget what's where.

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