Sunday, 4 January 2009

The computers of the world are conspiring against me

This time I'm writing on my flatmate's computer; ours has pretty much died, as has my parent's PC back home. Goodness knows I'll probably jinx this one too and won't end up writing again for another month.
It's been a busy month though! I had a wonderful last couple of weeks in New Zealand - it was, of course, really really sad to say goodbye to everyone all over again, but SO wonderful to get back to (the freezing) UK and Dave. The day after I arrived back, we left again to go to Germany, Holland, and Belgium for Christmas. It was really nice to get away with Dave for a bit, and to see his twin brother, Liam, and cousin Alisa and her fiance Clint again. It was bloody cold on the continent, but in a lovely blue sky and sunshine kind of way. We rode bikes and saw windmills and it was all very nice. We finished up with a couple of days in Brussels, which was dirtier than I expected but still really beautiful and Christmasy and cool.
Had a great New Years eve in town at a bar called Beluga with some friends - it was great to see all of them again after so long. It was especially exciting when I got a text from Mel at midnight to say that we're both getting married next year!!!
While on the way back from New Zealand I had an awesome few days in Singapore with Jo and Kengo. The highlight was the brilliant Amazing Race challenge that Kengo and Jo's boss, Anthony, organised for us (including eating Durian fruit and fish head curry). We also went to the night safari and watched a LOT of episodes of Sex and the City.
On the wedding front though, JO also took me down Orchard Road to Renee Leung where I tried on a very beautiful dress - there isn't a photo of it on the site but it had the most amazing train - so amazing that it would almost be too much. I loved the bodice though and am thinking of incorporating it into the final dress - the straps scooped down under the bust and then covering the breastices was another type of material with beads sewn all over. I'm not describing it very well so will try and find an example... turns out that Jo's friend, Jo actually got her wedding gown from Renee Leung and I'm not surprised: all of the dresses were modern, but with the most beautiful detailing.
A tad out of the price range for me though.
Here is one dress from the site that I really like, though I would prefer it skimmed the ground (and I probably wouldn't wear the hat either):

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