Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fun things : Stress

Signs that I am stressed:
  • Hair falling out
  • Glands have come up
  • Not sleeping
  • When am sleeping, have screaming fits at Dave in which I say that I despise him and use words that I don't normally use.
  • Feel sick 72% of the time.
(nb: this is not intended to be a whinge - I just think it's interesting how predictable my body is. The last time this happened was before I left the UK for NZ last year, and when leaving NZ the first time in 2007)

Thankfully, I know that the second we finish saying our goodbyes I will be 100% ok and back to normal (i.e. have screaming fits at Dave when awake, not asleep). And in the meantime, these are weeks full of exciting purchases that make me think I am George out of "Five Run Away Together". The van is our own little Kirrin Island.

Fun things list:
  • solar shower
  • solar power charger
  • purple fold-out sofa bed contraption
  • teeny tiny gas cooker stove contraption
  • twine
  • shovel
  • grater, peeler, can opener, utility knife
  • plastic bowls, plates, and cutlery
  • powdered milk and instant mash potatoes (eww)
  • stockpiled canned things. I'm half tempted to remove the labels so that every day is a surprise

Minus the physical manifestations of stress, this is a lot of fun!


Being Brazen said...

im sure you going to have such a great trip

katie.chapman said...

Having been witness to such episodes of stress I sympathise, just make sure you keep focusing on the fun things. And don't forget a corkscrew, and a torch/lantern of some time.

Julienne said...

Your idea of ripping off the labels of the canned goods made me laugh out loud.

I'm sorry about the stress but once you're on your way it will be great!

Melina said...

Bugger, that efficient Katie stole the words from me, but I'll say it again - focus on the fun things!!

As an aside, I've learnt that if you put powdered milk on someone's bed and they sleep on it, they will reek of sour milk for 2-3 days, even after soaking in a bath of vinegar.

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