Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Mmm, yum!

We just had a lovely relaxed weekend with Mel, who was up from London to visit. I tried my hand at red velvet cupcakes for her birthday – aren’t they cute?!

The ones from Hummingbird Bakery have a delicious cream cheese icing on their famous red velvet cupcakes that I couldn’t replicate, due to a bit of Sainsbury’s confusion between crème freche and “soft cheese”. The butter icing was still yum though.

On Sunday we headed out to Lyme Park and Hall – which was used as Pemberley in the {excellent} BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. It was pretty, but rainy and blustery – so possibly not the best day for it. The Sunday roast afterwards was superb though.

We have a sofa bed (for the van) today! Exciting!!


Being Brazen said...

nice cupcakes... :)

Julienne said...

They look so cute! I've heard all of teh great things about red velvet cake but have yet to try it!

kaz said...

cute cake! Are you going to have a cupcake cake at your wedding???

Amanda B. Young said...

Hahah. You're too funny! The mustard and snot green... is that an unexpected combo that you love -- is that what you mean? Oh, and I think you could call snot green "chartreuse"... but I might just like the term "snot green" better. ;-)

Melina said...

I'll have everyone know that the cupcakes were even tastier than they look - so you know they were pretty damn amazing! I have the coolest friend in the world, don't I?