Friday, 12 April 2013

Annnd stretch (can I use that again?!)

So the last time I posted was in August 2010. We had been back in New Zealand for 8 months, and were looking forward to our wedding day coming up that October.
I had intended at that time to get back into blogging, but somehow it didn't happen. Not sure why, really. Too busy, perhaps, or just not feeling it.
To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how succesfull I will be this time either.
Now, in April 2013, we have been married for two and a half years and have a 6 month old baby boy - Cooper. Life is busy, but a lot of fun.
Sometimes I think back to our OE. Two and a half years in the UK and then six months travelling home - five in our van, Brett, driving around Europe, and a month or so travelling from Costa Rica up into Mexico. Three years on it feels hardly real. At some point (maybe this year?) I will start to read my diary of our six months on the road, and will wallow in the memories of going wherever we wanted, doing whatever we wanted, eating {lots} of amazing food, and generally just having the time of our lives together.
I didn't keep a diary of our wedding (ha), but it was exactly how we had hoped and imagined it would be. We had a phenomenal day surrounded by people who love us and only want the best for us. The ceremony was perfect - as was the reception - and oh my goodness the FOOD. Wow. And the dancing. And the general revelry. Perfect. Would I do it again? Well, it was a lot of planning and stress in the lead up, but if I could I would throw a party like that every year!
Now I'm a stay at home mum and loving it {most of the time}. Life is a little different to how it was three years ago - but I hope you stop in from time to time!

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