Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Weekly rant... and a cake.

Skip to the pretty picture if you can't be arsed with my negativity

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One of my tasks at work is to sift through tons of CVs and put people forward for testing and interview (which for the most part is fun; getting to give people chances in today’s dire climate. It’s less fun when I have to turn poor old men away because they don’t have the right experience but are otherwise awesome).
I do have one bone to pick. One of our screening questions upon application is “what is an aspect of your personality that could be improved”. If I read ONE more “well, I am a perfectionist” I will actually SCREAM! Or go postal. Seriously. A couple of you might know that I have always had a problem with people saying that they are perfectionists. To me it smacks of “I rock, and work much harder than others, and when I hand work in it is perfect, unlike everyone else’s work which is shoddy by comparison because they are ok with handing in substandard work” with self-righteously pursed lips and furrowed brow. It’s an extreme view, I know. It’s funny the things that irritate you, huh?

Working here has multiplied this by a zillion. I get that people are afraid of writing something negative on their application, but the ones that are honest and say an actual thing that they could work on impress me so much more than the old twist and turn to wring a positive out of a question about negatives.

Or do people who think they are perfectionists actually think that they are, and are not just being cocky? I guess maybe I just don’t get it – most people I know wouldn't finish with something unless it is as good as they can get it. Sure, to others it may not look "perfect", but to them it is to the best of their ability. So how is that different? Is perfectionism in that case just diligence with a self-appointed cherry on top, because you are confident enough to say that your work, once completed, is perfect?

My apologies to any of you who consider yourselves to be perfectionists. It’s just my pet peeve…kind of like when people say they have the flu when all they have is a bad cold. Gosh I am grumpy today.
What irritates you out of all proportion?

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How pretty is this??? from here via here. Dave and I love us some crepes, so I think it would be perfect. I love the fresh, modern look. And it could possibly replace dessert.


Anonymous said...

my latest rant and annoyance, i have a client who doesn't follow my guidelines, rules, business practices - whatever you want to call them. i want to drop him, he bugs me SO much! he knows my business hours and just comes before i open and knocks/bangs on my front door until i open it. working from home has it perks until you have a client that thinks that rules don't apply to him. grrrr...

Rae said...

So agree with your rant. It is certainly not a fair question anyway and I know that the "perfectionist" answer was advised for a long time, but self-proclaimed "perfectionists" are annoying. Perfectionists are okay in themselves, after all, we all have our issues, but please don't act like it is something to be proud of!